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 These are only some of the most recent updates - 1/13/11

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PostSubject: These are only some of the most recent updates - 1/13/11   Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:24 am

Added Dragonkin Spell Scrolls
Added Dragon Teeth Class Necklaces

Corrected and optimized some scripts to make the server quicker and not waste valuable time.

Working on the Sage in Micidal Gen - extra conversation paths

Brags and boasts for evil deeds can be done now, half of them are available at present

More puzzle tokens added

Stores have new items, some daggers, kamas, and assorted axes to name a few

Some maps have been updated, refreshed and new placeables and detail added to them.

Work is being done on the following maps for higher level characters:
Torment's Library
Tiamat's Challenge
Halloween Town
Underdark - Hidden Passage
Bonus Teamplay Map Level One

And, finally on the drawing boards are three new Progressions dealing with the city of Hope. If you are not a Demigod, don't even ask...

So, finally, start collecting your dragon teeth and blood. You are gonna need em !!!

As always, with Love,

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These are only some of the most recent updates - 1/13/11
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