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PostSubject: SERVER DATABASE UPDATES   Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:24 pm

Hello all,

Despair has not had a DATABASE CHANGE/UPDATE since the 1.69 / cep changes to the server. There has been a lot of people come and go, and it's in need of resetting. So, what does this mean to you ? You will have to the second week of May, 2011 to get your gold and xp out of the banks, and onto a mule toon. You will also need to get any items you might have in your personal CHEST and place them on a mule. Doing so will keep what you have on you, and after the database is updated and streamlined, you will have the ability once the ALL CLEAR MESSAGE is given to place items back into the banks.

It's up to you when you do this, but the sooner the better. And as always, all banks are USE AT OWN RISK - mules are the truly the safest way to go. So, no complaints if you did not check the forums or listen to word of mouth on this change, you have a bit over three weeks to get this done.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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