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PostSubject: RUST MONSTERS AND ROGUES   Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:10 am

Hello all. I have decided to put in a book that drops on bosses in Despair that helps players recognize bad areas that can cause you to lose gear. As some of you already know, Rogue Specs (in the flavor of another module), and Rust Monsters either steal or destroy gear. Sometimes you can get back the gear that a Spec steals if you kill him quick enough, but if they disappear, the gear is gone. Randomness is a large factor in the realm of Despair, from boss loot to events, so do it, and do it often.

I am, however, not uncaring. If anyone takes the time to post replies to this thread, and list the name of the map, it's color, (red, blue, etc), and what is there, IE 4 rust monsters, (party only for quick killing...), I will add it to a book so other players can be prewarned.


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