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 More updates in the mix

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PostSubject: More updates in the mix   Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:44 pm

Hello everyone !!!

I'm working on finishing up several integral parts of Despair that include map areas and quests that are geared towards more advanced builds and more frequent players. These areas include Hell, John Connor, Pennellope, Old Blue, Menzoberranzan, Dwarven Forge and a few hidden bonus maps for level 60 players only.

No updates will be visible and I will not have much time to play until the second week of January. I am leaving the xmas bonus weapons and bonuses in until I make those changes at the end of January.

Enjoy everyone, and try to get your level 60 toons soon. The bonuses will be for gear only useable with Demigod toons that are level 60, so keep at it.

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More updates in the mix
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