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 Subraces - Very big skins.

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PostSubject: Subraces - Very big skins.   Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:06 pm

I just started playing a beholder and discovered that the appearance used for the skin is the super sized beholder boss. (I think it is 472 Beholder_mother)

At his current size he can not fit through the door to the banking area with the persistent chest or to get to most merchants.

Hope and Dispair looks like it was a great project, and I am not sure if anyone has done any editing of the subrace system in some time, but if you could change the apperance of the beholder to an ordinary adult beholder, I think that would help a lot. The correct SetAppearance code should be 401 (for a beholder) or 402 for a beholder mage.

Without implementing changes, it would be easy for a DM client to test the skin in game by simply typing:
~SetAppearance 401

It is a good looking and well animated skin as it is, but pretty unplayable. In the meantime, I got a spare item destruction item from a friendly player - Thank you shout out to Flatfoot!

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PostSubject: Re: Subraces - Very big skins.   Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:23 pm

I second it.
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PostSubject: Player workarounds for big skins   Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:07 am

Just an update on the progress of the character.
Polymorph self has saved the day for my beholder, as she can now turn into a troll to go to stores and enter many areas.

The first map of the west road has placeables that block any big monsters - orcs are tactically clever.

A quick and easy fix to give these skins access would be to offer polymorph potions in the Micidal centre. They will not unbalance the game - unless we get an army of player character killer pixies in the goblin forests, of course.

Another option would be to add polymorph self to the beholder abilities item usabe once per day, which would be plenty.

At any rate, the beholder skin is playable as it is, though it goives you all the frustration that you can expect from large skin, which is not so bad.

For now, players should consider devoting 7 levels to sorcerer or wizard, 15 levels to ranger, 9 levels to cleric (with animal domain cat ) or 5 druid levels so that you can either polymorph or shapeshift when necessary.
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PostSubject: Another skin update.   Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:59 pm

The beholder skin is frustrating to move around but still playable.

If you need a break from the headache of using just the right walking keys and occassionally having to polymorph when moving on a map, take a break and make a character with a very small skin. I don't want to mention any because I can't remember which small ones are listed only in droppable books, but there are a number of great ones.

This is a list of advantages to having a huge skin:
  1. You get good practice and become adept at moving with every combination of walking keys mouse and direct move by targetting usable objects - so much so that when you switch to a tiny skin you will move like a god.
  2. You will have lots of time to admire the detail that went into designing all the placeables that block your path
  3. It is very easy to target yourself with spells (a drawback of a tiny skin)
  4. It is more difficult to accidentally target yourself with an udesirable spell
  5. You can step over (or hover over) traps and placables that are located too close to an entryway
  6. Even creatures that are engaging you in melee are standing in the inner kill radius of meteor swarm. Twisted Evil

There is one area with a transition that is too small and placed against a wall, so my beholder cannot access it without polymorphing first. This strips any buffs and memorised spell slots that come from items, thereby presenting a pretty major disadvantage when she is confronted by the baddies waiting on the other side. I can't recall the map but there is a statue of Cyric there and bone golems that throw multiple necromantic spells and hit really hard. I think it is south or Corebin - a city full of cleverly placed battering rams that bottleneck beholders from decimating the undead that control that area (nothing wrong with that, I'd say.)

I guess the suggestion would be to keep those little transitions far enough from the walls so that they are still usable by the huge skinned characters.

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PostSubject: Re: Subraces - Very big skins.   

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Subraces - Very big skins.
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