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 Them Trolls...

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PostSubject: Them Trolls...   Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:36 am

What do do about Trolls not dying. No matter how hard you hit'em. less you coup de grace them, they just don't wanna give up life as they know it. And we. Sought a spot to just escape from this nightmare. Just walked around in blindness an suddenly found myself deep into the Pine Woods. I had passed the goblin tent and like in a foggy scene killed the bunch of them. Just mechanically so. Wandered further and deeper into the woods, when suddenly there was some odd place there. A door in a large root. It was locked but i tried to pick it and succeeded. Went inside with drawn rapier...all alert. A door...opened...and there...An old troll-like witch stood in the middle of a room. I talked to her. She was grumpy, but we got along eventually. She said she knew a way to harm the trolls in Despair. YAY!!! She gave me a torch. I hasted out and back to the troll caves outside Gurney...eager...eager. And guess what: -Them Trolls...Hehehe!! They BURN....BURN...BURN!!! I can never stop! I LOVE IT SEE THEM TROLLS BURN!!!!
I can now rest my tormented soul. I cry tears of joy. I am happy again!! bounce
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PostSubject: Miss yah Swift   Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:50 am

Fire my friend. Fire
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Them Trolls...
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