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 Tokens being added

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Tokens being added Empty
PostSubject: Tokens being added   Tokens being added Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 10:28 pm

Hey all,

New tokens such as New Years and the ever so popular Czecky have been updated. Look for different ones, some will stack, some will not.

Of these tokens, they will be able to be banked differently, and you should think where you want to bank which tokens. You will have the following options:

Micidal - Blacksmith - Good Demigod.
Unknown - Unknown - Evil Demigod.
Micidal General - Regular Red, Blue, Gold token banking options.

also, coming soon to a city near you - sponsored Bonus Token Contraptions. Yes - YOU CAN !!!

You can OWN one by yourself, or have up to six silent partners.

You can get a commission on all transactions, deposits and withdrawals from other players, including yourself.

You can get a high risk, high reward token banking reward at varying deposits for varying tokens.

More info will follow. If you are interested, find the Small Guide to Big Profits book - randomly.

As always,

Czecky Luvs you - Enjoy
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Tokens being added
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