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 An item found is an item gained

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An item found is an item gained Empty
PostSubject: An item found is an item gained   An item found is an item gained Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 6:52 pm

I was walking along yesterday.. not sure where, I dont tend to worry about that knida thing unless there is a bountyb to collect. With no bounty and no destination in mind I found myself by some farms. My eyes, still not used to this accursed daylight, squinting I watched as all the workers toiled to bring in the harvest. I was lost in thoughts of how weak and pitiful the blood in their veins would be until I saw a very unusual sight. At first I thought the sun was playing tricks on my eyes but as I snuck closer I saw that one of the farmers had a very special scythe... not made of wood and metal like the rest of them. This one looked to be made of gold, with a blade made of a metal I have never seen before. The scythe was singing as the farmer cut through the wheat again and again. And then the farmer set it down in the back of his wagon... he had no understanding that it was any different then the rest of them. Must take a certain amount of power, of battles before you can see it for what it is. When he was gone I took a closer look. The handle looked thin to the point of being fragile, yet I could tell it could withstand mighty blows. At the top of the handle where it meets the blade A wing started sweeping clear down to the point of the blade. The metal used for the blade I still cannot identify but it seems to sing softly even while sitting still. I looked around and saw everyone had retired for the night, so I swiped it. Why are you looking at me like that? I couldnt leave it there... this weapon should be cutting a swathe through its enemies, not preparing food. I wonder if a member of the Citadel needs it? Or maybe I can sell it... this would probably pay for the guildhall expansions we have been needing.....

Hannibal Ariakas
*signed in blood*
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An item found is an item gained
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