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 Czecky - GM and DM and Psychotic

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PostSubject: Czecky - GM and DM and Psychotic    Czecky - GM and DM and Psychotic  Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 12:11 am

Hey all

This is your place as much as it is mine. I listen to all feedback, and love bad comments, as well as good ones. I have some helpers here, too many to mention all at one time, but a main tester is BlackJack, and our new DM is Armageddon. Welcome them both, but please take your issues to DM Armageddon first. He's gonna know what to do, and if he needs to involve me, he will.

I play the game as well as design and test, and I belong to a guild so yes, I PvP too. Don't be surprised if it happens, I'm fair to the max, and yes, my toons DO PERISH like the rest of em, just not as much, lol. I also am part of the ruling triad of KwsN (the knights who say ni) - one of the two major guilds on Despair. Feel free to start your own, or talk to others here. Despair's large enough to be happy, no matter what you like from Neverwinter Nights.

We offer a very large Persistent World that is very dynamic and changing. Lots of original content and you will get lost and frustrated. Just ask others around you, they'll help.

We offer PvP, heavy quests, toons from regular 40 levels to Legendary levels (with Higher Ground's hard work), to Demigod and God levels. Roleplay is not new to Despair, we've fought with it for a bit. I now have a Roleplaying system that is being tested. You can designate yourself as being a non-combative, if you will, or stress a status of Roleplaying PvP, or non-PvP, so others can insult you and you can defend your honor, or they should leave you alone if you are designated as non-combative. (still in the works.... so don't complain - PvP is a part of Despair.

Enjoy it here, all. Despair's awesome, and very original. Just ask our regulars.

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Czecky - GM and DM and Psychotic
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