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 As many of you might already know...

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As many of you might already know... Empty
PostSubject: As many of you might already know...   As many of you might already know... Icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 9:10 am

I suffered a huge loss a few days ago. I had partied up with he who shall remain nameless, and another friend. I ran over to my guild, placing myself behind a locked door, thinking that I was safe. I preceded to go through all of my recently acquired loot from killing a sum of no less than four dragons. I never knew sorting through so much loot would make me so tired. I tried to stay awake, especially when I saw a glimmering scythe amongst piles and piles of loot, but dreariness overtook me; after all, killing dragons can be tiring.

I awoke to my death as two of my EX-party members stood above me. The battle was quicker than I thought, but it did have it's humor. One of my assailants spent his entire time on his back, due to my magical defenses. The initial damage was done, however, and I could not defend myself in my groggy state. It was almost as if I were not present at this fight; that it was just all a dream.

Ended was my 76 pvp kill bounty flag and my pride. I now have one loss, which is also a bit rough but I still have my pride and humor. It is revenge that guides me, it is rage that guides me, it is my professionalism that guides me.

p.s. Guilds should now be safe where party members can no longer port to leader, drop, then kill you in the comfort of your guild.

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As many of you might already know...
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