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 On my recent journeys

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On my recent journeys Empty
PostSubject: On my recent journeys   On my recent journeys Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 8:38 am

I have come across some horrific sights as of late, and all within a stones throw of the failing city of Lidan. I have noticed that the undead there are more frequent, and I have even witnessed some entering and leaving the sewer gates! Several times have I tried to access the sewers, but have fallen short, retreating before nearly being destroyed!

Saddened and discouraged, I left the city by the way of Carabin and it is that part of my journey that I wish to speak of. While routinely killing a score or two of vampires I came across a very nice weapon. Well the sharpness of the blade was unlike anything that I have ever wielded. Why a swift downward blow at the slightest of angles was enough to fell a mighty sapling in one swoop! Outstanding!

I have as of yet not been able to test that weapon in the sewers of Lidan, but will do so soon. I think there are a few others that have left their marks on me that need a visit payed to... I shall fear that the magical lustre of this sword shall not last forever, but I will kill what I can while I still have it.

Thoughts of blood and gold entertain my mind. A certain dragon shall pay dearly for what she has done to me!

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On my recent journeys
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