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 New areas/updates/warnings ;)

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New areas/updates/warnings ;) Empty
PostSubject: New areas/updates/warnings ;)   New areas/updates/warnings ;) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 5:32 pm

Ok, some new areas are in, or have been in, in various stages of completness. Some areas are listed below, and their current statuses. I will also list some items of interest...

Ariakas Crypts, all 11 levels are in, and no one's completed it - yet. Level 8 bug is fixed, and now offers you the potential of dying on level 9. Any unusual loot drops, or stuff that 'looks too good to be true', probably is, and if not turned in, could result in a nasty script to be added for their retrieval.

Caves of Despair, which was initially accessed from some maps that were removed three versions ago, are placed again. Gotta find em'.

Castle Noitcnitxe is almost ready - feel free to explore but some additional loot and baddies and traps are being placed.

Enjoy all
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New areas/updates/warnings ;)
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