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 April Invitations

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PostSubject: April Invitations   April Invitations Icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 6:05 pm

Your guild is always welcome here. During the month of April, I'll be halfing the cost of starting a guild.

Read any books that you can find, especially in Micidal General and on drops. There are ways to save gold and token expenditure. During the month of April, I'll help out new and starting guilds to get established in the lands of Despair.

1. Half gold cost and token costs for guilds starting with 5 or more players.

2. You can save by making your own guild map, single floor to start with, with no creatures, traps, or hidden scripts of any sort, just the map in an ERF. Despair is CEP 2.3, so keep that in mind. If your map comes in with weird placeables, or not at all, you'll get another chance to remake/fix it. If it fails that second time, you will have to pay more and I'll have to do it for you.

You might want to seek out the help of KOTBR, or Armageddon, both modders.

3. Guilds with 2 to 4 members can get 33% off, as long as that in another month they can pull the minimum of 5 needed for the discount.

There are established guilds that would give tokens and gold to help out new players in their search for guild requirements. Just ask us.


Hope to talk to you soon,

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April Invitations
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