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 Hidden bonuses and other cool stuff

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Hidden bonuses and other cool stuff Empty
PostSubject: Hidden bonuses and other cool stuff   Hidden bonuses and other cool stuff Icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 2:35 pm

As Czecky is always looking for more ways to show his love, he has out done himself.

(I love speaking as myself that way...)

Look for Mr Rhodjers, Chauk Norist and others. They will hand out bonus xp and gold on a random, once per CD key basis.

Look for the new map called 'Chard Turds'. It's a place where working too hard can kill yah !!!

The City of Hope is now closer to being visited via the Thunder Gates. DeLocke is the KEY.

I have added 4 of the 19 Dragon Tokens into Despair. These are needed to unlock doors in the Chamber of Dragons to study the dragon of your choosing. Remember your alignment needs to be in line.

Love Czecky
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Hidden bonuses and other cool stuff
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