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 Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!!

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Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!! Empty
PostSubject: Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!!   Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 03, 2011 3:15 pm

Sorry everyone, but the old RDD's that have sub races do NOT work with the new RDD system. It breaks the sub race! Some sub race abilities will be lost with this... examples are SR from azers, liches, etc... All appearances are gone... night bonuses for subs like Vampires.

You have options with your old RDD's... You can keep them the way they are with the changes or have the xp transfered to a newly built redone RDD. If your Old RDD was a legendary toon, they can be remade as a new legndary RDD with all tokens , legendary links, etc... transfered to the new toon. Nothing will be lost this way.

I recommend keeping the old with what ever bonuses you may have... as a new RDD will need to be a standard race and have no sub race bonuses.

If you have any questions , please ask Czecky. I am sure he will post more on this when he can.

to Czecky or Armegeddon... please move this to updates or someplace where it can be better viewed as I can not post under the heading it needs to be under. thanks
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Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!! Empty
PostSubject: The new RDDs   Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!! Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 6:14 pm

The new RDDs are subraces in and to themselves. They require a pure race to start, no subrace in the subrace field. Get as much XP as you need to take your first RDD level. When you take that level, it will tell you must first STUDY a Dragon in the CHAMBER OF DRAGONS. It takes any extra XP you have, and sets you back to just enough to get your FIRST RDD level. But, in order to open a door inside that chamber, you will have to find your dragon's TOKEN. It is the KEY to getting inside. You must also learn the correct ALIGNMENT of your dragon.

Once all of these conditions are met you USE your STUDY tool on the dragon behind the door that you just opened with your TOKEN in the CHAMBER OF DRAGONS and then you start the process. At this time your token disappears, as does your STUDY tool. From now on, you can level when and as you see fit. Upon taking your last RDD level (10), you obtain your special appearance and full abilities of that appropriate type of RDD. If you wanted to go higher than level 10 in RDD, that's still an option, but your appearance and main abilities confer at level 10.

Each one's different, so enjoy. I hope this helps. If in the game you need additional informatino, seek out the book in a magic shop close to the city of Micidal. Oh, by the way, the CHAMBER OF DRAGONS is also close by to the city of Micidal.

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Old RDD's with subraces and the new RDD system!!!
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