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 Down with the Disciples of Asmodeus

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Down with the Disciples of Asmodeus Empty
PostSubject: Down with the Disciples of Asmodeus   Down with the Disciples of Asmodeus Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 12:56 pm

Roaming through the Misty Castle with Bella after dispatching the Fiend of the Deeps, we came across the Disciples of Asmodeus (vile devil worshipers!)... A fight quickly broke out, something to do with Bella and the Wizard who is also a vampire like Bella. We were able to get several off from the main group, but those two were still very powerful. Luckily Autumn arrived to aid us and we quickly dispatched the entire group.
In our haste to loot their corpses, Bella managed to lose the key into the large chest that ~DoA~ were guarding. We can only imagine the riches that were lost to us.

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Down with the Disciples of Asmodeus
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