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PostSubject: ß|ªçkJªçk ºf KwsN   ß|ªçkJªçk ºf KwsN Icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 8:31 am

Hey all! Names BlackJack and all my toons Have BlackJack in the name somewhere. Makes it easy to know who has slain you.
Log In is Jono Soulforge.

Been a D&Der since 1978 and NWNer for about 10 years. Actually still play pen and paper D&D3.5 every other weekend for about 6 hours striaght. Have been teaching my two boys to play who are 9 and 10 yrs old.

Love running Despair when I can, which seems to be often. Usually run solo on Despair , but I like to help everyone and give as much info as the Guild (KwsN) will allow.

Pretty good and building toons and tweeking builds I have found to fit into Despair.
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