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 Design contest for maps and/or npcs

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Design contest for maps and/or npcs Empty
PostSubject: Design contest for maps and/or npcs   Design contest for maps and/or npcs Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 2:30 pm

I have placed signs in Micidal mentioning 'new management changes' for micidal general. If you want in for the design contest, just find me in the game for additional details. I am also offering rewards for NPCs with conversations to add additional 'flavors of the players'. Keep it clean, mention yourself, others, or possibly a path or two or three for quests. All submissions must be in ERF format, with a small room, tag and resref of your name, and NPCs placed with conversations, recommendations to where they are placed, or additional information can be done by placing notes in a dummy conversation path so I can read it.

If you would rather just design a three floor store or anything else, get in touch with me, as well. There are format issues that have to be followed relating to tags, resrefs of maps, and doors, placeables.

Good luck.

The first winner of the design contest won 1,000,000 xp and is the proud father of the new Micidal General Store.

Others will follow.

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Design contest for maps and/or npcs
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