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 Things to collect for gold and xp

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Things to collect for gold and xp Empty
PostSubject: Things to collect for gold and xp   Things to collect for gold and xp Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 8:16 am

Hello again,

I have added a book that drops on bosses that explains about the four types of collector's cards, for accomplishments in the Realm of Despair. Each type of category is listed, with the number of cards it contains, and it's xp and gold reward for turning them in.

These are large xp amounts, but not as large as the MULTIQUESTS that are present. Talk to those around you (players, and NPCs) and find out where to get started, but I shall give you their names: Old Blue's Quests, CoE (Center of Evil), and Sheldor the Conquer *(in honor of BBT). Soon each will have an introductory book that lists all quests, and their xp rewards, and their total xp reward for doing all of them.

There is also now a once-per-reset-per-toon XP bonus quest reward that is available by clicking on the Easel for God and Demigod progress (in the city of Micidal).

Enjoy the bonuses everyone, they should help you get the necessary xp for higher toons to advance to Demigod.


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Things to collect for gold and xp
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