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 Demigod and God Status

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Demigod and God Status Empty
PostSubject: Demigod and God Status   Demigod and God Status Icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2009 10:22 am

As you work your way through Despair and gain more and more XP, you approach Demigod and God status. I will work more on this and please feel free to place your comments below. I welcome suggestions and will listen to all requests.

One of the ways proposed to handle this is by having Demigod and God points required in addition to obtaining a set amount of XP. These points, for example, could be obtained for the fighter class by:

1. Completing the Fighter's Quest (Obtaining the Fighter's class quest ring)
2. Killing all dragons on the server (Obtaining Dragon Teeth)

And obtaining X amount of XP. I am thinking that 3 points would be needed for Demigod and 7 for God status. I am going to listen to what you, the players of Despair would like to see be granted when you obtain those titles. As this day approaches, I shall get more information posted for you all to review. I shall list some examples (at least 2) for each class and give the XP needed for each title.

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Demigod and God Status
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