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 Updates, Rumors and Drama

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PostSubject: Updates, Rumors and Drama   Updates, Rumors and Drama Icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2009 6:10 pm

Yes. Once again Czecky strikes the first blow! Here's whats new, planned, or already done!

A device used in another world has been activated twice to bring strangers into the realm of Despair! Once a man came through, dressed in tattered black robes carrying some old looking bags. rumor has it that relics of great power are being hidden in Despair! The second time two men, both wearing red robes entered the realm of Despair. They brought with them lizard-looking escorts, soldiers they say.

An item of great power, capable of summoning dragons now calls Despair it's home.

Some men that require wealth and quest for power have recently set up shop in DeLocke. It would appear that they only converse with robed men and women of 'stature'...

One who hunts mages has just traveled through the use of powerful magic. He is from another time and now walks among us!

A man with an army seeks the Hammer of Kharas. It has been rumored to have been recently brought to our world.

A rift in time itself has temporarily opened two small holes in the lands of Despair. Locals pointed towards the night sky recently in the Desert Sands and the Coastal regions at the bright lights that stopped as soon as they started.

One man seeks to covet another's gem. Rumor has it that it a small to medium sized gem, green in color with red specs over it's surface.

The Micidal graveyard is missing some bodies. If you know who has taken them, please ask him/her/it to return them. MGC

For help with a strong dragon, seek out the Orb!
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Updates, Rumors and Drama
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