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 Assault on COTD Maps - Caution !!! SPOILER

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Assault on COTD Maps - Caution !!!   SPOILER Empty
PostSubject: Assault on COTD Maps - Caution !!! SPOILER   Assault on COTD Maps - Caution !!!   SPOILER Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 2:18 am

As we get closer to the end game in the realm of Despair I thought it would be fun to write just a bit on it here... and stir up some controversy!

As you should know by now, you are to muster some forces to aid you in your assault of the City of the Dead. They are Goblins, Orcs, Giants and Trolls. Each will require you to 'break their spirit' before they will agree to help you. You do this by talking to various NPCs throughout Despair which start you off in the right direction. From that point on, when you fight a specific race of monsters, you will receive points. Some of them have eight different types of creatures and each have their own point system. When a total is reached your conditions are met.

One of the cool things about this is it's truly party oriented. You can have four different toons each responsible for obtaining 'the cooperation' of a particular race of monsters.

Well here's more of a spoiler than some might want, so stop reading if you wish.

Here is a brief summary of the races, and what they are to do to help you in your battle with the City of the Dead.
Goblins- a distraction to allow you access into the slave's entrance. You might encounter some still loyal Goblins and various Undead. New to the module will be Zombie Goblins!

Orcs - the slaves allow players to access the transport tunnels. These were one of the routes that the Undead armies took to leave the city. Further down into the tunnels they are deliberately flooded and access is hindered if not stopped. You will encounter Zombies and Zombie Orcs here.

Trolls - Well they help open and drain the flooded tunnels allowing you to access the last part of the map - the Gates to the Summoning Chamber. You will encounter some of the cities hardest Undead here.

Giants - They help to destroy the Gates that lead further into the Summoning Chamber. Without them there would be no access and you would fail to enter the inner areas of the City of the Dead. Here is where you shall encounter Galis himself, and some of his recently conjured/summoned friends.

I hope you enjoy where this is going, and you start working on your races today!

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Assault on COTD Maps - Caution !!! SPOILER
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