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 Pigron and Happy Dancer

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PostSubject: Pigron and Happy Dancer   Pigron and Happy Dancer Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 11:32 am

I guess I am one of the most recent new players, but I have seen two others. Pretty amazing given the current state of the game.
I discovered Hope and Despair after it was recommended by a player known to these forums as Flatfoot and am very grateful to him and to Czecky and team.

The mod is amazing, but I guess this thread is supposed to be about me.

I have been playing AD&D since 1st edition, having read the rules from what may have been an expert edition booklet back in 1980. Not sure when I found NWN now, but it was while I was working overseas, and I think I still have the rulebook in traditional Chinese packed away somewhere.

Since then I have played on many Nordock based servers and was an online DM and contributer on Noctar's Noble Realm. I am a poor scripter but I have a good eye for game aesthetics. Learned a lot there about conserving resources from the lead scripter there. My main contribution as DM was resolving conflicts with difficult players.

In game and on forums, I do not like to discuss my personal life. Nothing wrong with my personal life, but I prefer to keep the online persona separate. You will find me to be consistent if you interact with me long enough, and that should be good enough.

I play two accounts, Pigron pig  and Happy Dancer. flower They used to be managed by two seperate people, but one has not played for some time but still loves the game. I keep making characters for both accounts for several reasons, none of which involve hiding from the admin. It keeps the local vault folder size smaller for loading, gives Happy a ready made character in the event she comes back and (not necessary on Despair it seems) allows me to relog as "someone else" if I am getting flamed, spammed or griefed.

Currently, I am using the second account on another machine to test areas where the one machine crashes on enter.

Chances are, if a player is considerate enough to be reading the forums, they are not just a grief punk travelling through, so full disclosure here.

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PostSubject: well thank you very much   Pigron and Happy Dancer Icon_minitimeWed Sep 24, 2014 10:44 pm

kudos to me for helping him find a diff way around the board but he is way more talented than me in the game and I knew he would bring some improvement's to the area so low and behold.

try to have fun all
it's just a game
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Pigron and Happy Dancer
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