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 Well, it's official!

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Well, it's official! Empty
PostSubject: Well, it's official!   Well, it's official! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 8:33 pm

Four new bank items are fully tested and work flawlessly. Store Tokens of Evil for later use. Keep track of how many dragon teeth you have whilst you collect them for Class Necklaces. Put your Slaad Tongues in a jar for a clean way to keep them fresh! And a magical key that stores (for now) your Marshun and Bloody keys.

Organize your inventory. Take care of your business.

All 20 dragon teeth can be stored neatly until needed. The Magical Key and Bag of Dragon Teeth can store and retrieve those items. The Token of Evil bank and Slaad tongues are just banks, and not interactive.

I have placed a True Seeing and True Strike potion for quests. I have placed some scrolls and potions for token and gold exchange.

Some of these are in now, some await approval and feedback from users. Two of those are the Epic Warding and Epic Armor potions, as well as some other items.

Teasers are placed, but read the conversation closely.

And as always - buyer beware!
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Well, it's official!
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