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 Some New Legendary Shields

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PostSubject: Some New Legendary Shields   Some New Legendary Shields Icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 11:06 am

Hey all. There are some new Legendary Shields coming into the game soon. Some will be for quest, some purchase for tokens and gold, and some drops.

These are some suggestions:

Legendary Lich Bones - Tower Shield
legendary shield (3 charges)
2 to all abilities
ac 7 (12 vs Undead)
ultravision unlimited
true seeing 1 charge / use
immune death magic
immune level/ability drain
regen 5
save universal 3
SR 40

Legendary Bulwark of the Great Dragon - Tower Shield
Legendary Shield (25 charges)
ac 7 (12 vs Dragons)
Use Dragon Breaths - acid, cold, fire, lightning
1 charge / use
True Strike - 1 charge / use
Damage Resist acid, cold, fire, electricity 25
regen 6

Legendary Bulwark of the Great Dragon - Tower Shields
Legendary Shield
ac 5 (10 vs Dragons)
regen 5
(There are four diff types of this shield -
each with either acid, cold, fire, electricity
Damage Resist 25 and one use of same dragon
breath once per day)

Please let me know what you think, and yes...
You have to be legendary to use them
They are transferable to other toons.

As always, with love.

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Some New Legendary Shields
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