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 Great Deeds Yield Great Rewards!!!

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Great Deeds Yield Great Rewards!!! Empty
PostSubject: Great Deeds Yield Great Rewards!!!   Great Deeds Yield Great Rewards!!! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 2:22 pm

Having fought my way through a slew of monsters and survived the harshest of elements, I finally reached the creature... It was Great and Terrifying and the weapons it displayed, most deadly. I quickly set upon it with my full arsenal of spells, which I knew would do the most damage. The Great beast roared in pain! I could see the rage in its eyes and also the realization that its life was coming to an end this day. I let loose my final two spells, knowing that they would deal the killing blow... Hell Ball and Greater Ruin... The beast was dead at my feet!
I searched the corpse quickly, for others were near, also looking for the beast or maybe even looking for me. I took all that I could carry and took flight, since I was out of spells and not ready for another battle. Once in safety I set to identifying the items I had won... and there it was, the rarest of cloaks... RAIDEN'S CLOAK of RESISTANCE, the final piece to the great fighter dex set.

Yes, great deeds yield great rewards!

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Great Deeds Yield Great Rewards!!!
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