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 Four new placed forges

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Four new placed forges Empty
PostSubject: Four new placed forges   Four new placed forges Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 9:57 am

Around the lands of Despair lies four magical forges placed by the Gods themselves. Each one has particular properties, but all serve a common purpose: to forge an item of great power. Most of these items aid good in their quest over evil. However, there is a chance that the item the forge produces will be of the blackest magic, and it's goal is to kill all good.

Nine there are, all items of great power. Three additional dark items exist, as well. It is uncertain if they are capable of producing them in the realm of Despair. One thing is certain, if you obtain an evil forged item of great power, it will take a toll on yourself. You will suffer great loss in using its power.

Take the Forge Hammer with you on your journies. Find the most special of stones and place them in the appropriate forges. When you have done all four, then you will have the ability to forge an item of great power. The outcome of the forge is totally random. May the item aid you in your adventures.

good Luck
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Four new placed forges
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