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 Guild Quest Submissions

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PostSubject: Guild Quest Submissions   Guild Quest Submissions Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 1:03 am

This one is more of a contest between guilds, such as tCoA and KwsN. I am accepting three quests for your particular guild where you will know what is where, what to do where, and how to get to what to do where..... and other players, guilds will have to find that out.

So, you are designing your quest on paper, in an email format, and you can make three of them. EMAIL them directly to me, at SANDLIZARD401@INSIGHTBB.COM - ANY OTHER EMAIL or method of delivery, posting or otherwise getting the word out to me and/or others will be voided, and not put into Despair.

Please include names of people to interact with, where to find them, locations of items, what is to be done, and the order, numbered from 1 to x in which the sequence of events happens. Not all submissions will be able to be entered, or accepted into Despair, however all will be considered.

This helps your guild, and gives you 'insider information', which others will have to find.

Keep it fun, and be respectable to your other players/guilds on Despair. You can feel free to write in the email (scripting the conversation) and tell me what you would like said when something is needed, required, demanded, returned, and if you wish to have guild specific comments.

If you are any good at conversations in the toolset, you might be required to make the more complicated ones in character, and I will fill in the blanks of having an item to say this, or requiring something to do that.

So enjoy all, and let your guild have the best new quest idea to hit Despair.

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Guild Quest Submissions
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