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 The old Chest scripts to keep your items

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The old Chest scripts to keep your items  Empty
PostSubject: The old Chest scripts to keep your items    The old Chest scripts to keep your items  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 11:19 am

The old scripts have been modified by me to allow 'group access'. This is most useful when thinking of the guild environment. So, for example you could have a community tCoA chest, where all guild members could access it. There could also be one for leaders, say othe first three members of a guilds leadership. The possibilities are endless.

Having said this, it's not cheap. you will have to purchase it as a guild with tokens and gold. I am also offering this up for players that want to have an extra one or two chests in their house. This, unfortunately will cost $19.00 each, and you have to already have a house purchased in the realm of Despair - Czecky has to pay for his internet some way, now doesn't he ? I think it's great, and offers those of you with the means the ability to have up to two additional chests (300 items stored max). The same guarantees of chaos still apply - anything put in the chest is subject to database quirks, and can from time to time have an issue. Nothing is replaced that goes into a chest, so just so you know.

PM me or post if you want this.

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The old Chest scripts to keep your items
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