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 The best and worst dressed of Despair

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The best and worst dressed of Despair Empty
PostSubject: The best and worst dressed of Despair   The best and worst dressed of Despair Icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2011 7:55 am

Hey all

I'm wanting to know your best and worst dressed maps in the lands of Despair. I'm always updating content, and I'm curious on what you like, and what you think needs a bit more detail. Use the message boards in game, and be the first to mention an area. Entries must have best and worst dressed map names, such as dwarven tunnels map 2, or orc tunnels map 4, and reasons why. If I pick your entry you will be in a drawing done IN GAME for diffeent packages of consumables from potions to salves.

Look for more contests comning soon.

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The best and worst dressed of Despair
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