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 So... You think you know Despair ?

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So...   You think you know Despair ? Empty
PostSubject: So... You think you know Despair ?   So...   You think you know Despair ? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 8:35 pm

So you THINK you know the Realm of Despair. Think again. I will post some info on all of these areas as time permits. I hope it helps you as you explore my world. Generally, the maps are listed alphabetical using the Despairian Difficulty Rating System: Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Purple maps vary in difficulty.

Enjoy all.

* denotes a major series of maps (>6 with the same name)
** denotes a major series of city maps (>6)

Cities of Despair:
Bruner's Mill
** City of Gold
** City of the Dead
Elven Clearing
Green Valley
Lewis' Cove
** Menzoberranzan
Pine Ridge
Port Brochaw
Prilleach Keep
Village of Soport

Drow Houses located in/around Menzoberranzan:
Qu'ellar Agrach Dyrr
Qu'ellar Alushri
Qu'ellar Baenre
Qu'ellar Girmaduer
Qu'ellar Illindith
Qu'ellar Kothyrlie

Active Guilds of Despair
KWSN - The Knights Who Say Ni
TcOA - The Citadel of Assassins
TF - The Fallen

Team Play Maps for contests and tournaments:
Capture the Flag
Slaughter and Siege
Team Combat Arena

Some 'Outdoor areas':
Ruins of Despair
* Burnt Forest
* Desert Sands
Lake Micidal
Micidal Fields
Micidal Shoals
Micidal Grave Yard
Old Forest
Quiet Forest
River Road
Roads to Micidal
Thieves Forest
West Roads
Forest of Phinrul
Green River
Green Valley Fields
Green Valley Woods
Hidden Dale
Elven Clearing
Holy Grounds
Mountainous Road
Murderous Mnts Pass
Old Graveyard
Hell Sands
secret Forest
Desert Oasis
Desert Ruins
Fields of the Dead
Mighty Forest
Mountain Slope
Murderous Clearing
Mysterious Island
Plane of Dreams
Small Clearing
* woods of Despair
carabin Battlefields
Elven Glade
Burns' Pass
Cliffs of Galis
cliffs of Insanity
Coast Roads
Coastal Plains
Evenglari Castle Grounds
Frozen Plain
Frozen Waste
Northern Roads
Lanmorilyn Vale
Southland Forest
Southland Roads
Cedar Woods
Elven Forest
Eastern Roads
Frozen Roads West
Elven Graveyard
Forgotten Hills
Green Valley Farm
High Cliff
* High Seas
* Pine Barrens
* Sermon Swamps
Snowy Plains
Dragon Grave Yard
Extinct Volcano
Mirky Mountain
Mountain Foot Hills
Mountain Slope
Mountainous Area
Renegade Falls
Sedgewich Forest
The Vale

Some 'Underground areas and buildings':
* Sir Edward's Tomb
All Things Dead
Castle Sariah
Caslte Anthrax
Dark Room
* Fraytonmoor
Goblin Huts
* Low and Behold
Monasterty on the Hill
Old Building
Pine Ridge Barns
Prilleach Guard Towers
Robert's Barn
Trapper John
sewers of Despair
Undertaker's Cabin
Back Room
Bath House
Beldin's Inn
Bill Gurney's House
Black Smoke and Magic
Blacky's Invisible Cloak Emporium
Brochaw Armoury
Brochaw Baked Goods
Brochaw Needlework
Carmila's Residence
Chandrise Custom Goods
Claire's House
3 Comfortable Tents
Coven of the Damned
DeLocke General Store
DeLocke Government Center
DeLocke Guild
Desert Merchant
Desicrated Church
Despair Castle Ruins
Encarthum's House
Evil Deeds
Farmer Barry
Galic Council Chambers
Galis Magic Shop
Galis Temple
Ghrentafh Crystals
Ghrentafh General
Gurnell's Smithy
Gurney General
Gurney Inn
Gurney Magic Shop
Hector's Shack
Janeal General
Janeal Inn
Knight's Twined Rose
Lantern Tavern
Lonely Fish Inn
Madame Comtesse
Mage Meeting Room
Margaret's Home
Mhorgin's Magic Shop and Back Room
Micidal General
Micidal Government Center
Milt Meeklesburd - Office of Licensing
Old Barn on the Blackened Moors
Old House on the Blackened Moors
Port Brochaw Center
Prilleach General
Quiet House
Railnor of the Glade
Secret Residences
Soport General
Southland Bank
Southland General
Southland Magistrate
Stumbling Drunkard Inn
Telford's Broken Oats
Temple Janeal
The Broaken Blayde
The Fallen Fighter
The Forge of Demons
The Forge of Wonders
Tighty Whitey's
Tower in the Swamps
Valis Crafts
Wave's Fine Clothing Store
XP Bank
Blood Drow Shrine of AKraaka'char
City of Seven Gates
Drow Crypt
Drowned Palace of Dagon
Gromph's Retreat
Gilm's Guild - abandoned
* Har'oloth (Drow Underdark)
* Har'oloth Charnag (Drow Underdark - Deeper)
Ilmryn's Abode
Isiolinde's Room
Menzoberranzan - Tier Breche
Menzoberranzan - Arach-Tinilith
Menzoberranzan - Arcane Academy
Menzoberranzan - Melee-Magthere
Menzoberranzan - Passageway
Menzoberranzan - Sorcere
Nym's Quarters
Palace of Ereshkigal
Practice Rooms
Seldszar's Quarters
Tsabrak's Room
Underground Desert Chambers
Welverin's Abode
A Friend's House
Abandoned Inn
Below Evenglari
* Black Malice
Black Tower
Bottom of the Gorge
Cave of Caerbannog
Cavernous Opening
Caves of Despair
Clert Jail
* Clert Stronghold
Cold Cave
Damp Basement
Dark and Evil Crypt
Dark Cubby Hole
Dark Torments
DeLocke Restricted Area
Deserted Cave
Despair Jail
Despair Prison
Eilst's Library
Empty Cabin
Fighter's Quest
Flooded Ruins
Frozen Hole
Galis Storage
Galis Tunnels
* Gauntletgrym
Gnome House
Gnomish Courtyard
Gnomish Entryway
Gnomish Foyer
Great Hall
Hacker Prison
Hacker Prison - Repeat Offender
Hand of Cyric Safehouse
Hidden Cave
Humble Tom
IoVH Corridor
Janeal Barracks Basement
Lidan Strong Hold
Maze of Despair - DO NOT GO IN HERE !!!
Moldy Barn
Mysterious Cabin
Mysteriout Tunnels
New Residence
Nickelbe's Cabin
Old Building
Old Cabin
Old Crypt
* Old Lair
* Orc Tunnels
Orc Death Pits
Private Cabin
Rogue's Quest Maps
Ruined Dungeon
Secret IoVH Meeting
Small Hut
Snowflake's Abode
Storage Building
Summoning Chamber
The Sewers of Lidan
The Steppes
The Void
Tower of Ghrentafh
Under Galis
Under Torment
Watery Grave
Windy Staircase
Personal Nightmares
Dark Dwarven Caves
Dark Dwarven Stronghold
Prilleach Keep Armoury
Arryp Inner Chamber
Arryp Meetinghall
Arryp Prison
Bill Garis House
Bottom of the Well
Cavern of Ice
Cold Cave
Elven Crypts
Evenglari Keep
Evenglari Chapel
Ferris Bank
Ferris Barn
Ferris Basement
Ferris Estate
Ferris House
Ferris Market
Galis Guild
Galis Mansion
Goblin Training Room
Goblin Treasury
Goblin Weapons Storage
Hag's Lair
Halifax Abbey
Hobgoblin Caves
Micidal Catacombs
Mother Leeds' Chambers
O'Bannon Farm House
Orc Throne Room
Small Home
Small House
* The Barrows
* Troll Caverns
Under Prilleach
Under Prilleach - Sewers
Underground Caverns
West Roads Caverns
Arryp Catacombs
Arryp Library
Arryp Lower Quarters
Arryp Supply Room
Below Tranquility
Blackened Moors
Castle Anthrax
* Dank Caverns
* Dark Caverns
Goblin Caverns
Goblin Hut
Goblin Slave Quarters
Goblin Tunnels
Gorge of Eternal Peril
Haunted Mines
Janeal Barracks
Knight's Gauntlet
Lidan Barracks
Lower Mines
Mage Tower
Old Mill
Pirate Ship Revenge
Private Residence
The Broaken Blade Basement
Tower of Leeds
Winter Haven
Dragon's Vault
* Misty Castle
Vault Entry
* Wavedancer Castle
Wizened Hermit Cave
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So... You think you know Despair ?
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