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 Despair's First Annual Realm of Despair Tournament

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PostSubject: Despair's First Annual Realm of Despair Tournament    Sat May 07, 2011 2:13 pm

Hey all - good stuff happening at Despair. This May, Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd will be the first annual tournament.

I'll announce more happenings, but it's an all day event, with prizes given for different contests.

Some will be level based WITH gear, others for new toons built for the contest only, with different specifications and NO GEAR. More to come. Some special areas are being designed, for role play and hack and slash / puzzle solving - all with various categories.

So, living or dead, gear or no, it's gonna be fun. It won't just be all PvP winner take all, so I expect you all to show up, change schedules and make time for the event.

More to post soon.

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Despair's First Annual Realm of Despair Tournament
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